Greetings from Atlanta’s newest lounge

I’m currently sitting in the new Club at ATL lounge in the F Concourse.  Today I’m criscrossing my way across the world on my way to Amsterdam in the trip written about here

I’ve got mixed feelings about the lounge, but it does have one thing going for it that no other lounge does – emptyness. There are about 5 people here, even though the lounge is as big as a Skyclub.


It’s located in the F Concourse, which is the international terminal at ATL. I’m flying out of the A Concourse so I’ll need to give myself 20 minutes to reach the gate.


The view isn’t anything spectacular, but has some decent views of planes taking off. The lounge is fairly bright, even if the decor is slightly outdated. There are plenty of outlets inbetween seats.


The food is a little disappointing, and is pretty much the same as whats offered in Skyclubs. Think trail mix, pretzels, yogurt, nuts, apples. There is a self-service soda machine, which is better than the bar service in the Skyclubs. The coffee was disappointing compared to the Douwe Egberts machines in the SC’s. Here’s a drink menu:


They also have some premium sandwiches that aren’t really premium. They’re about $10 each.


I used the showers and they were perfectly adequate. While they weren’t as elegant as the showers in Cathay’s HKG lounges, they did work well. One negative was that the shampoo and conditioner weren’t marked so make sure to ask the attendant for clarification, as they smell and look the same.



The staff here are excellent and seem to be pretty eager to help out. 

Overall, I would recommend this lounge only if quietness is important to you. The food+beverage options are just as average, and the lounge is out of the way for most travelers. Still, it’s a nice alternative option and is accessible for all Priority Pass/Lounge Club members. They’re allowing guests in for free for a limited time as well.

Keep posted for more posts from my flights!


2 responses to “Greetings from Atlanta’s newest lounge

    • I was there early and didn’t drink, but they had a decent selection. I would imagine that the complimentary drinks/beers were superior to offerings in other lounges, but not extraordinary. It wasn’t an open bar either

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