CDG is a mess!

I’m always surprised when travelers complain about CDG. I’ve never had an hour long bus ride to my gate and haven’t had any issues transferring.

This past trip really gave me the chance to see firsthand how bad CDG is.  I was stuck in 2F waiting for my flight to Amsterdam and the lounge was under repair.  It was so crowded that I walked 15 minutes to the other lounge. 

This lounge was also too crowded, although I used the extremely poorly-designed showers to get away from the chaos.  These were so horrible that I didn’t even want to take a photo. 

The one thing that the French do right is liquor and wine – nothing relaxes me quite like Pastis.

I was glad to leave and go board the plane when I encountered the densest collection of gate lice I’ve ever seen.  There just isn’t enough space for boarding!

I think I’ve never had this issue before because I’ve always been transferring to an international flight. Schengen to Schengen wasn’t fun at all. The international lounges are fine and comparable to KLMs offerings in Amsterdam.

Then I enjoyed my glorious business class meal….complete with views of the French countryside.



A bird a plane…nope, just AFs horribly uncomfortable A320 seats.



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